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Banner at the Amelie Center entrance
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Joplin High School Class of 1966
50th Homecoming Reunion

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Last updated on Sunday November 13th, 2016
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Besides fun, fraternity, and frolic, we had a photographer, and a "professional" DJ playing our favorite tunes from the 60's.
Saturday we had a guided tour of the New Joplin High School led by Kerry Sachetta. The new campus is huge!

Friday after hours

Friday after hours in the Amelie
Frank, Steve, Jim, Les and Peggy, Dani (our host), and Joe
Shirley and Vicki

Preparing for Friday at Amelie
Shirley and Vicki are bagging goodies
John and Carolyn

John and Carolyn Hale assembling a banner
Tribute to deceased

Our tribute to the eighty-two
classmates we had lost.
Jim, Ann, and Mike

Jim Scott, Ann Gibson Phelps, and Mike Clinton
Frank, Jim, and Bob

Frank Fogg, Jim Steinberger, and Robert Dawes
Sherry, Lequetta, Judy, and Joe

Sherry Higgs Bullock, Lequetta Lane Yates, Judy Snyder Priddy, and Joe Kingore
Kathy, Debbie, Carol

Kathy Routledge King, Debbie Short Fowler, and Carol Hanson Maples
Doug and Joyce

Doug Lawson, and Joyce Gardner-Steinberger
Steve, John, Judy, and Judy

Steve Walstad, John Hale, Judy Sage Bradley, with Judy Walker LeBlang
Paul, Barbara, and April

Paul Cooper, Barbara Stinnett Boyd, Chuck Killinger (background), and April Walstad
Barbara, Janice, and Cheryl

Barbara Stinnett Boyd, Janice Gilstrap Garrett, and Cheryl Rosenak Alifeld
Frank and Troy

Frank Fogg, and Troy Montgomery Mullenix
In the background, Leta Wilson, Tim Schmidt and Rick Rhodes
Class Photo

Class 50th Reunion
(Hi-Res photo available from Summerlin Studio)

Download the names legend here (PDF)
The Amelie Center

The Amelie Center.
Res Ellenberger and Family

Click photo to read the letter from AFS student Res Ellenberger to the class

Your 2016 Reunion Committee
  • Shirley Allen
  • Sandy Bandy
  • Steve Barnett
  • Frank Fogg
  • Janice Garrett
  • John Hale
  • Vicki Mays
  • Les Sage
  • Cyndee Sanders
  • Jim Scott
  • Brenda Sweeten
  • Steve Walstad
Your Reunion Committee
Some of the 2016 reunion committee hard at work.

1986 - 20 Year group photo 1996 - 30 Year group photo 2006 - 40 Year group photo

1986 - 20 Year Reunion Photo

1996 - 30 Year reunion photo

2006 - 40 Year reunion photo

The links are under heavy construction (some not finished!).

2011 - 45th Class Reunion
2006 - 40th Class Reunion
2001 - 35th Class Reunion
1996 - 30th Class Reunion
1991 - 25th Class Reunion
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1976 - 10th Class Reunion

Grand Falls at Joplin Route '66' Drive-In Jukebox Autumn SW MO road

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