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Originally created March 14, 2006 at 19:36:33
Last updated on August 13th, 2017

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Channy and the Counselors
Now we know what Channy does with her evenings!
Her band "The Counselors" started playing together in 1970 while in law school.
They are still together today doing gigs and benefits around KCMO.

Mike and Troy Mullenix 50th Anniversary 11/18/2016
Congratulations to Mike and Troy (Montgomery) Mullenix
Celebrating their 50th anniversary November 18th, 2016

Bob and Linda Galbraith 50th Anniversary 6/11/2016
Congratulations to Bob and Linda (Davey) Galbraith
This 50th anniversary photo, June 11th, 2016
Taken by Nancy (Sanders) Hanna at her home in Mobile AL

Lynn and Rhonda Jones in Isla Mujeres 2016
Lynn and Rhonda Jones send us greetings
while soaking up the sun at the wonderful North Beach
in Isla Mujeres, QR, Mexico. early spring in 2016

Bill Rowland and Bob Heil October 2015
Bill Rowland and Bob Heil have a love for pipe organs.
Bill works with a restoration group, and plays at silent film events in Broken Arrow,
while Bob Heil makes microphones and headsets.
This photo was taken after Bob performed at their event in October 2015.

Billy and Lynnette Parker in Alaska September 2015
Billy Parker claims this bear did not have bad breath!
He and Lynnette had stopped for a photo-op while
travelling through Alaska in September of 2015.

Vicki Mays with her band at the 2015 CJ 4th of July parade.
Asked, but not scheduled to perform, Vicki (buckingham) Mays and members of her stage band,
became the first ever "Flash Band" at the 2015 Carl Junction 4th of July parade.

Herb Gailey and Mike Albright in Las Vegas 2015
Herb Gailey and Mike Albright took a moment for their selfie
at the Plazzo Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV June 27th, 2015.

5 guys at the Joplin Hamfest 2014
This photo was shot when five of our class showed up at the Joplin Amateur Radio Hamfest August 23, 2014.
Frank Fogg, Paul Cooper, Jim Scott, Don Hancock, Bill Jay, and Joe Burtrum.

Herb Gailey and Family 2014
While in Las Vegas in January of 2014, Jim and Mary Anne got together with Herb Gailey and his family.
Pictured are Arnessa, Herb, Arthur III, Virna, Mary Anne, Jim, and Amzi.
Everyone was in a festive mood, as it happened to be Virna's birthday!
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Bob Roberts and his books
Looks like Bob Roberts has been catching up on his reading... well, not exactly!
He has been busy writing novels instead, and has his own website
size= 2304 x 3072; 772 kBytes

Carved eagle at JHS after May 22nd 2011
One of several mascot eagles that were carved from the remains of trees on the quadrangle
of JHS after the May 22nd, 2011 tornado that destroyed the high school
and cut a swath through the south center of town.
size= 628 x 464; 49 kBytes

Jim Scott and Ron Hamlin in Chesterfield MO
This January, Jim Scott stopped by Ron Hamlin's place in Chesterfield
to check on his buddy's recovery, after having a surgery in December of 2010.
for repair of an aneurysm.
size= 2048 x 1536; 388 kBytes

Bruce Baird and Bob Rea in California
This photo was shot when Twanaha and Bob Rea were in San Francisco this last summer
"just messing around", where they met with Bruce and Jackie Baird for a day on the town.
size= 3648 x 2736; 800 kBytes

John Gritts accepting the NIEA award
John Gritts was recently honored by the National Indian Education Association.
Here he is accepting the distinguished Male Elder of the Year award
at their 2010 annual convention in San Diego.
Click Cherokee Phoenix to read more.
size= 480 x 360; 30 kBytes

Keith Sweeten & Brenda Ramsey
A 2010 photo of Keith Sweeten and Brenda Ramsey (both of the class), when out with some friends.
They sent us this photo of them caught on camera this summer.

size= 800 x 600; 47 kBytes

Les Sage with 40 lb Striper
The combination of free diving and spear fishing makes for an interesting hobby!
Les Sage looks pretty happy with this catch at Beaver Lake, a 40 lb striped bass
which may have set a world record.
size= 800 x 706; 66 kBytes

RA Smith - Sunset Over El Paso
Russell A. Smith captured this photo of a sunset over El Paso June of 2010.
Certainly another candidate for desktop wallpaper!
size= 3008 x 2000; 1.7 MBytes

S.E. Coleman and Neil Campbell
S.E. Coleman took this shot of her with Neil Campbell on a recent visit to Joplin.
size= 540 x 405; 42 kBytes

Sharon (Maples) Johnson family photo
Sharon (Maples) Johnson poses with son-in-law (Bryan), daughter (Tedra), grandson (Logan),
daughter-in-law (Stacy), grandson (Aidan), son (Travis), and grandson (Braxton).
The family photo was taken on Coronado beach near San Diego.
size= 1024 x 683; 94.7 kBytes

Troy Mullenix at the 2010 Rose Parade
Troy (Montgomery) Mullenix and her husband Mike went to Pasadena
over the holiday to see the 2010 Rose Parade.
size= 576 x 768; 86.4 kBytes

Bob Rea at Big Bend, TX
In the summer of 2009, Bob Rea and Lynn Jones took a little trek into Big Bend State Park.
Here, Bob has tagged one of the local folks (INS??) for a photo.
size= 1024 x 683; 147 kBytes

Lynn Jones finds a jalopy
While hiking in Big Bend park in 2009, Lynn Jones discovered
an abandoned jalopy near some ruins. Lynn looks right at home! :-)
size= 2160 x 1440; 582 kBytes

Don Hancock and Jim Scott at an Amateur Radio Event
Jim Scott, and Don Hancock, both amateur radio operators, meet up again
with other "radio" friends at the Joplin Hamfest held in August each year.
size= 1024 x 768; 87.5 kBytes

Sunset from Diamond Head, HI
Mike Albright sent this striking photo of a sunset from Diamond Head, HI.
Need wallpaper background for your PC?
size= 2160 x 1440; 293 kbytes

Thumbnail of Bill and Linda Rowland
Bill and Linda Rowland celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary this past January 2009.
size= 1280 x 960; 130,123 bytes

Thumbnail of Tom and Cecilia Hughes
Tom Hughes and his wife Cecilia sent us this photo November 2008. He noted
that they had recently moved into their new digs in Tollhouse, located
in the mountains of California.
size= 1194 x 887; 750,709 bytes

Thumbnail of Cheryl Markray and daughter
Cheryl (Thompson) Markray, and her daughter posing for the camera.
She sent this photo when she Googled her mom and found the class website.
size= 800 x 532; 343,993 bytes

Thumbnail of BOB & LYNN 2/08
Recently Bob Rea (in the hat) and long time friend Lynn Jones made their way
to Isla Mujeres, MX and (as Bob sez) killed a few brain cells.
size= 640 x 480; 174900 bytes

Thumbnail of Bob and Lynn 8/07
Bob Rea (in the hat) sent us this photo of him helping Lynn Jones put up his fence. Seems that
Lynn and Rhonda have found them a place in Kerrville Texas. Lynn convinced Bob to make
a four hour trek from Keene to help him with his project. Almost immediately
Bob noticed that Lynn was working up a real sweat!
size= 800 x 532; 212263 bytes

Thumbnail of Wendy and Nancy 6/07
Nancy (Sanders) Hanna and Wendy (Horn) Evans had this photo taken June 22nd, 2007, when they had
lunch together at the Les Bourgeois Restaurant, overlooking the Missouri River in Rocheport, MO.
Nancy's husband Mike was in Boonville for a high school reunion, so they decided
to meet half way between Columbia and Boonville.
size= 1280 x 788; 725417 bytes

Thumbnail of whe60221.jpg
Honorary Joplin High Grad - Wendy Horn Evans with husband Bob (of 31 years)
sent us this photo March 2006. Shown here with their only child, who just graduated
with a degree in LASER Technology and Photonics.
size= 799 x 502; 44963 bytes

Thumbnail of Mike Albright
In a recent visit to Joplin in June of 2006, Mike Albright was photographed
with schoolmates Jim Scott, Ben Abrams, and Doug Lawson at Pizza by Stout.
size= 640 x 480; 295892 bytes

Mike and Cheryl Albright with their daughter Alicia from New York.
This photo was taken opening night of A Chorus Line in Honolulu, October 2005.
She was part of the New York travelling cast.
size= 640 x 480; 270846 bytes

Thumbnail of Huddleston NTN trivia player
Mike Huddleston with some of his "Trivia" buddies.
This team of players competes nationally and is well known!
size= 640 x 480; 90550 bytes

Thumbnail of JDS in Mexico 2005.JPG
Jim Scott and daughter Simone (11 yrs old) March 2005
size= 440 x 640; 52902 bytes

Thumbnail of HUGHES visit 2000.JPG
Tom and Cecilia Hughes visited from California in 2000.
This photo was snapped while visiting classmates in Joplin.
(L to R) Jim Scott, Emma Jo and Ron Walker, Paul Cooper,
David Shaffer, Cecilia and Tom Hughes
size= 624 x 284; 39455 bytes

Frank Fogg at OKC Rodeo in 1979.JPG
This photo of Frank Fogg (in his younger days) was taken at the
National Rodeo event in Oklahoma City in 1979,
while he was participating on the rodeo circuit.

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