Mrs. Williams 5th Grade Class 1958-1959


McKinley 5th Grade 1958-1959
(Left to Right)  Row 1 (front): Gloria Brittenham; Clyda Tucker; Diana Hackleman; Ann Watkins; Stanley Ellis
Row 2: Sherry Williamson; Johnny Rush; Cheryl West; Jim Scott; Bonita Piquard; Bobby Summers; Georgina Ann Schofield; Lonnie Dagget
Row 3: Ronnie Harnar; Carol Evans; Kathy Holden; Billy Parker; Janice Red; Johnny Anderson; Patty Wicks; Paul Starchman
Row 4: Larry Maples; Mary Barnes; Tommy Clough; Sue Gulick; Richard Paniak; Virginia Eby; Bruce Muskrat; Mrs. Williams

Photo: courtesy Bruce Muskrat


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