Mrs. Anderson 2nd Grade Class 1955-1956


McKinley 2nd Grade 1955-1956
(Left to Right)  Row 1 (front): Mrs. Anderson; Harold Davis; Janice Redd; Brenda Edens; George Appleton; Peggy Bray; Bonita Piquard; Carol Evans; ???; Billy Parker; ???; Principal J. Franklin Edwards
Row 2: Susan Moore; Jennifer Howard; Glenn Orem; Marty Snodgrass; Mike Shepherd; ???; Brenda Ramsey, Karyl Cookerly; ???; ???
Row 3: ???; ???; Glen Reineke; Zack Thompson; Johnny Anderson; ???; Edna Tynes; Mary Barnes; ???; ???; Ronnie Harnar

Photo: courtesy Peggy Bray Farney


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