Miss Boyd 6th Grade Class 1959-1960


Emerson 6th Grade 1959-1960
(Left to Right)  Top Row:  Rita Swanson, John Holden, Connie Martin, Carrel Whitaker, Kathy Dent, Tom Berman, Luba Wirth
Row 2:  Mike Huddleston, Principal William Marshall, Miss Boyd, Paul DeVries
Row 3:  -?-, Don Hancock, Chrissy Henry, Jack Kaminsky, Carolyn Palmisano, James Miller, Annette Mustain
Row 4:  Rocky Windle, Janna Lou Hutchison, -?-, Cathy Cole, Ricky Roby, Sharon Bradfield, Gordon Sargent

Photo: courtesy Mike Huddleston


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