Alcott Elementary School

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Do you remember these kids?

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Alcott Kindergarten Class
Alcott Kindergarten Class May 20th 1954
size= 2943 x 2326; 606 kB

(Front-L/R) Jane Hawkins, Kenneth Webb, Sammy Claussen, Gail Davenport, Eddie Poe, Sally Dean, Chris Branch, Donna Day, Betsy Ramsey, Robert Dawes, Ann Crawford
(Middle-L/R) Billy Gessler, Cynthia Osborn, Carol Hansen, Nancy Keeter, Linda Lane, Steve Kinzy, Greg Johnson, Julie Simmons, Ruth Elaine Coy, Mike Owens, Doug Walker, Denny DeGroodt
(Back-L/R) Diane Lewis, Susan Dutton, Linda Enyart, Stevie Crockett, Paul Barton, Larry Gibson, Gloria Hunsaker, Gil Nichols, Douglas Scheurich, Susan Jeanne Daniels, Stephen Lenger

Thumbnail of Hauser's 2nd grade class
Mrs. Hauser's 2nd Grade Class
size= 1971 x 1408; 357 kB

(Top-L/R) Mrs. Hauser, Richard Dareing, ?, Ronnie Willis, ?, Jodie Gates, ?, ?, Melvin Baker, Danny Robinson, ?
?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Sharon Gilbert, Cindy Osborn
Melvin Haynes, ?, Eric Ganes, ?, Marilyn Smith, Nancy Epperson, Sheila Lewis, Robert Morris
Kenneth Webb, Mike Kelley, Danny Skyles, ?, ?, Ronnie Lett, ?, Steve Stribling

Thumbnail of Lewis's 3rd grade class
Mrs. Lewis's 3rd Grade Class
size= 1910 x 1459; 310 kB

(Top-L/R) Steve Stribling, Dale Henson, ?, Melvin Baker, Mike Deweese, ?, Ronnie Lett, Danny Skyles
Melvin Haynes, Jodie Gates, Mike Kelley, ?, Danny Robinson, Ronnie Willis, Kenneth Webb, Ronnie Sheets
?, ?, ?, Eric Ganes, Richard Dareing, Larry Gibson, Bill Krummel, ?
Nancy Epperson, Judy Phillips, ?, ?, Marlilyn Smith, ?, ?, ?
Cindy Osborn, ?, Mrs. Lewis

Thumbnail of Love's 4th grade class
Mrs. Love's 4th Grade Class
size= 2063 x 1386; 261 kB

(Top-L/R) Mike Slyman, ?, ?, Marlilyn Smith, Richard Dareing, Nancy Epperson, ?, Cindy Osborn, Danny Skyles
Steve Stribling, ?, ?, Larry Gibson, ?, Melvin Baker, ?, ?, ?
?, Eric Ganes, ?, ?, ?, Mike Kelley, Robert Morris, Ronnie Lett, ?
?, ?, Dale Henson, Jodie Gates, Danny Robinson, Mike Deweese, Ronnie Willis, Mrs. Love

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